GREENSPACE is an innovating proposal of architectural design who seeks to integrate our creativity with the ecology.
We are, not only interest in the construction of a building as a functional and aesthetic proposal, but is also, care to offer a living space, with the aim of reducing the consumption of natural & man-made elements of the environment.

Our goal is to create and promote sustainable spaces who understand the social and safety needs of the final user, providing a complete & quality service which integrates the design, development & construction of the architectural project.


Besides building, we also believe in mutual support among fellow architects and engineers. To do this, we offer our hands and skills in the following services:

Integrated Architecture

  • Housing.
  • Commercial Buildings.
  • Development, adaptation and renovations.
  • Budgets with timescales for implementation and progress.

Project management

  • Procedures and construction permits.
  • Construction, architectural Administration and Management.


  • Architectural Surveying.
  • Preliminary design.
  • Development for construction projects.
  • Internal and external perspectives.

We also have digital printing.

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